Our Getting It Built Workshop

Truckee Cohousing members discussing plans for our community, with documentary film crew recording. For the Truckee Cohousing group, the “Getting it Built” workshop was more than weekend of meetings. It was a gathering of people committing to the idea of creating a sustainable local neighborhood in Truckee.

And finally, there we were. A room filled with people. Not just people but the beginning of a community.  “What is your vision?” architect and facilitator Chuck Durrett asked. The room responded in pensive silence.

“Community,” offered a voice from one side of the room.

“Lighted common house,” came a voice from the other.

“Goats!” was greeted with a light hearted chuckle. “No, seriously, goats!” came the chortleing reply. The room began to hum with ideas and energy.

“Kids outside playing on rocks.”

“Early morning soak!”

“Outdoor common space.”

“Fire pit, ping pong, groups waxing skis together, loading up and carpooling to skiing, green houses, pine trees, close to downtown, multiple generations, making music” The responses were coming from all sides.

After two days of learning from Chuck and partner Katie McCamant about site selection, construction, finance, marketing, and community development, the weekend ended as it began, with a hum of energy.

The unimaginable had become reality. We had created teams to tackle tough tasks like choosing a site, securing financials, and marketing; but also teams to ensure social connection and project affordability. We left a bit daunted by the enormity of the task, but comforted that we were all in this together, ready to go out and create our own village, together.

2 thoughts on “Our Getting It Built Workshop

  1. Hi Lauren, I am Laurie and am interested in your cohousing project in Truckee… I assume you are the person to contact for more information about how far you are into the project, etc. I have been coming up to the Truckee/Tahoe area for years and just started to look at real estate. I have always been interested in living in community and am ready to make my move from a big home to something more manageable at my age! Any more information you can share would be appreciated.
    Thank you in advance,
    Laurie Bosworth


    1. Thanks for getting in touch. I just sent you an email.


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